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From Hieroglyphics to Blogs!

Content Creation is a sum of very intentional actions.

Hieroglyphics to Blogs ~ The face of content creation has evolved, but there is one basic function in mind. Express yourself to be understood!

Content creation is pivotal, especially if you have a product or service you need your customers to know about. 60% of business owners admit to creating at least one new piece of content every day! This is because content marketing is a powerful tool for acquiring leads and unique site traffic.

61% of consumers' buying decisions are influenced by custom content. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads. It is easy to understand why custom content has become a top marketing priority – (Source: Neil Patel)

With this magnanimity of importance resting on crafting content – it sometimes takes a bit more than just inspiration to get the job done!

Here are some steps I subscribe to in order to ensure custom content is generated on time every time.


Before developing any content (including this blog), I researched related content to have the best understanding and grasp of the subject of the content I will develop. Usually, this yields fascinating statistics and interesting tidbits that can be customized and adapted to make your content more substantial and succinct at the same time. It helps you develop patterns of the most discussed pain areas, unique selling points, hashtags, and considerations for any product and service. Thanks to the internet, accessing information is easy. Once you have gathered plenty of information, you can then move on to the next step.


Once you have a framework for developing your content, it becomes easier! I love to plan out all the information I have gathered, determine where they would fit best, and complement rather than bore the audience with an onslaught of information. I typically plan any blog or content blip with a clear framework of an opening, body, plan of body, conclusion, and call to action. This step helps me ensure that the information flows and is not choppy and that there are no abstract ideas that suddenly appear. Always keep the content cohesive!

Finding The Right Tone:

It’s really important to understand the tone of voice you are expected to convey, and even more important is to ensure you have the right information to support the tone. Understanding and striking the right balance of tone and information is key to creating a great piece of content. It’s like being the Goldilocks of content creation – finding that sweet point that is just right!

Keeping It Simple:

Understanding the audience you are trying to reach with this content is an important factor, too. Demographics play an essential role in the tone, kind of information, and language of the content you are creating. Appealing to and engaging your audience is a science. You have 6 seconds to capture your audience online (which is where most of your content will appear). For this reason, you need to hook and retain your audience. The "rule of thumb" I use is to keep it short, simple, and succinct! No one has the time or patience to read a long harangue - I would go as far as to recommend bullet points!

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation:

It’s easy to kill any content with poor grammar and irregular punctuation. We are all guilty of grammar faux pas now and then, but always edit – if you know you struggle with editing (like I do…) or even expressing certain ideas…it helps to have an editing pair of eyes go over your work – making you look good. I take a moment here to thank my teammates, Myra Jackiw and Jordan McAndrew, without whom my writing would crash and burn!

Secret Ingredient:

Finally…Focus, Focus and more Focus! – It takes a great deal of focus to develop content that is punchy, informative and well…Just Right!

Creating content is the marriage of ideas that are important and interesting... orchestrated in a manner that is logical and effective... in a voice that is individual and appropriate, and... in language that is smooth, fluent, specific, and memorable.

Indeed, creating your own content is an investment of time and resources, which yields great returns and gives your brand validity. We absolutely recommend it to all our clients – and if you don’t have the time to do it yourself – hire a team of experts like #Assistants4Hire who are proficient at what they do!

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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