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About Us

Female Developers

Mission Statement:

We seek to provide services that leverage our management and organizational skills towards helping every one of our clients create more time for their enjoyment and happiness ~ to build a more balanced life!

Business Philosophy:

Do you wish you had one more hour a day to do what you love?  What would that be for you?  One more hour thriving in the part of the business that you are passionate about or spending an hour in personal self-care? This is what we want to create with you through creating processes, strategies and implementing automated systems. We also offer our outsourcing expertise to handle all the administration that your business needs to thrive!​

Our Clients:

Our clients are our business.  We start with a short get-to-know-you call.  Once we establish a rapport, we then follow up with a consultation call where we do a deep dive into everything you are doing administratively so that we can create a customized outsourcing plan for you!​

Our Commitment:

We are committed to paying all of our team members a living wage based on New York City regulations.  This commitment extends to all team members no matter where they live nationally or internationally!


Our Story by MerriLyn Gibbs, Owner:

Assistants 4 Hire began with a baby in the basket!  Literally! As Owner and Founder, I was four months pregnant with my daughter, Belen, and looking for what my next move would be in my career. I knew that I wanted something active, a schedule I could control, working with people, serviceable, and in NYC.  Still, I had been a university women’s golf coach for 13 years; I didn’t know what else I would love and pursue.


Then one day, I was talking to my friend, Angela, Owner of  Mojo Marketing, and lead singer/songwriter of Kick the Princess.  She said "I am just so busy all the time; I just wish I could call someone to go and get some things done”  That was it I thought ~ “I could do that!”


It was the perfect fit!  I would build a business that would help people have more time to do the things they love! My passion is truly seeing the smiles on our client’s face when we make their life easier!

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