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Keeping you in the know with our consistent schedule of trainings.  We want you to have the tools to keep your business efficiently running and have the processes in place to keep those tools working for you in your business. 

Yep, There's An App For That!

Working Smarter, Not Harder… Technology solutions that can help you get more done with less stress and in less time.


Our Favorite Efficiency Platforms:


  • Calendly - If you aren’t already familiar with Calendly, let us help you get acquainted! We will also share some tips and tricks of the platform that you may not already know.

  • Asana - Workflow simplified to the max and the easiest way to calendar and keep track of tasks for both You and Your Team!

  • Slack - Communication is the key to success. Learn how to create useful naming conventions and create clear communication channels for your team and your clients.

Each participant can then walk away with a foundational understanding of how to use three of our favorite apps!

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Market Like a Boss Through Social Media Strategy

From Concept to Implementation… We will have you ready for all of your weekly or promotional marketing needs in 2022!

In This webinar you will learn:

  • How to create a Marketing Plan

  • How to get your images and individualize them through Canva for an engaging graphic element

  • How to create Copy for your Post, including using hashtags

  • How to use a Scheduling Platform (using our favorite, Hootsuite, as an example)

Each participant will walk away with a marketing plan and the know-how to start using your social media just in time for 2022!

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Let Go Already and Delegate

How to Identify Your Unique Flame and Delegate Everything Else!

In this Webinar, MerriLyn Gibbs, Owner of Assistants 4 Hire, will:


  • Help you break down what needs to be systematically outsourced in your business

  • Walk you through an interactive practice to help you prioritize your outsourcing list

  • Give you an actual list of what to delegate to the VA of your future

  • Help you create the Job Description for your VA to Hire immediately

Find out how to enjoy the efficiency and success that comes with a VA.

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