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Curating Your Social Media!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Social media isn’t all fun and games! It’s also a powerful tool for your business.

Want to market yourself? Create an online space for your brand by carefully curating your profile to be an asset to your business rather than just a fussy side project.

Align Your Goals:

What outcome do you want for your social presence? Do you want to raise awareness of your brand? Do you want more people to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want more clients?

Even if it seems obvious to you, by enumerating your goals, you can better align your online strategy with your overall business goals.

Do Research:

Time to put on your espionage gear…

Take a look at your competitors and their content. This might give you a good idea of A) what is resonating with your shared audience and B) what they might have already seen enough of.

Personas, Personas, Personas:

Personas are a great way to get to know your target audience. Create a fictional "person" who is your ideal consumer, right down to age, profession, location, and income...

This exercise allows you to better visualize your niche in the market. By carving out exactly who you’d like to reach, you can speak directly to them.

Get Real About Real Estate:

Which platforms do you want to be on?

It largely depends on the type of content you want to put out. Instagram serves a different purpose than Facebook, which serves a different purpose than Twitter, which serves a different purpose than LinkedIn.

Some put more of an emphasis on image than written copy, and vice versa. Some have a younger audience vs. an older audience vs. a more professional audience vs. a more casual audience.

What kind of content do you want to put out and to what end?

Create A Content Calendar:

Planning out your strategy is crucial to keep you on schedule and moving towards your goal. Posting consistently (although not too frequently) is crucial to creating an audience.

By planning ahead, you can schedule your content so that you can focus on a topic, avoid repeating yourself, easily refer back to a previous post, or plan ahead of time when you know something is coming up.


A good rule of thumb is to have a good mix of unique thoughts, personal notes, think pieces from leaders in the field, and news. You want to entice your audience to think about and interact with your post. This will boost your standing both in the algorithm as well as in the mind of that audience member.

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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Tina Larsson
Tina Larsson
06 oct 2022

These are all such valuable tips that are very easily implemented.

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