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Learning To GROW!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I have been exceedingly fortunate to have had the guidance of excellent leaders in my career... leaders whom I have enjoyed working for primarily because I have had much to learn from them ~ What I should do and what I should not do!

I learned some lessons through observation and experience.  Everyone who worked with me became my teacher in some way.  In no particular order, here are some of the recent lessons I have mastered or am on the path to mastering.

Vidusha Nathavitharana (a name that is quite a mouthful) is the Founder and Destiny Architect of Luminary Learning Solutions.   It has been my immense pleasure to be counted as a part of his team in creating content.  With the honor of co-authoring books and being instrumental in churning out monthly magazines, the work itself gave me great joy.

Everything Can Be Achieved – “Put A Framework Around It!”:

One thing I learned from Vidusha was that any task can be achieved with ease if you put a simple framework around it!  For instance, we have written several books in 24 hours – thanks to a simple framework.  Not something we do habitually.  Usually were I to write, I would start and let the flow lead me.  Too often, my articles become meandering and dull.  But with a framework - which I put into play at the beginning of this blog - not only keeps my focus, it helps me from sounding repetitive and saves me so much time.   Framework and Mind Maps – should be the first step to any task.

Do Not Deviate:

One thing about Vidusha that totally amazes me is his ability to get things done in what seems like record timing.  In one of his tricks that I mentioned above, this is what I learned that I should not be doing... DeviateVidusha has a “Horse with Blinders” approach to his work, and he does not deviate from tasks or plan until it is achieved, which is something I struggle with daily... as I am a certified procrastinator.  His drive is something I hope to have someday.  To do this, he has given us all a “tool” – “The Goal Tree” – to map out my final destination and tasks and rituals to make it happen.

Anton Thayalan, a man with 27+ years of diverse working experience, is the Chief Evangelist for Luminary Learning Solutions and is also Cheerleader-in-Chief for Tatum (a.k.a life partner).  Anton has been more of a boon and sometimes a bane of my existence.  He has been ruthless in pushing me to apply myself... sometimes with me kicking and screaming.

Take On Opportunities To Do Something New  – “Adapt”:

Anton is a corporate chameleon!  Being an incurable extrovert, he speaks his mind and is quick-witted to win over the business and take on projects  –  which, to me, seem quite far-reaching and nearer to impossible (in my perception).  In stark contrast, I am an introvert who would never venture out of my comfort zone if left to my own devices – and often cringe inwardly at Anton’s lofty pitches – wondering how in the world can we take that on.

Our working dynamic is such... he pitches the services, and I am left to deliver them.  Having to bring up the rear of his pitches, I have found myself exposed to Event Planning, Hospitality, Training, Travel & Holiday Planning, Recruitment, and Managing Teams and Clients successfully. In retrospect, I would have never strayed from the comfort of being a career banker.  I have taken on new challenges in terms of career and now have a wealth of experience to show for it.  Anton has imparted on me one of his best traits which is "adaptability."

Don’t Wallow In Self-Doubt...

On what not to do ~ A source of constant grief and a stumbling block for me has been “myself."   I have been my worst enemy when it comes to doubting myself.  Anton had been that constant voice of encouragement ~ sometimes... well, most of the time... rising to a roar to get me out of my stupor of self-pitying doubt.  With much "encouragement," I have learned to move on.  I have my moments, but I take a deep breath and remember everything I have achieved!

MerriLyn Gibbs is the Owner of Assistants 4 Hire (“A4H”) MerriLyn is a super capable single mother who runs her business with such ease and efficiency that she has me in awe of her energy and drive.  I have recently joined A4H, and I am enjoying my line of work immensely.

Never Cease Learning:

Through MerriLyn, I have learned that everything is an opportunity to learn.  In my brief tenure with MerriLyn's business, I have learned to work on numerous CRMs, Newsletter Platforms, Social Media Scheduling Platforms, and Blog Platforms which greatly helped me increase my confidence and also helped me gain knowledge.  I am finally doing tasks I love... and learning from it, too!  In my opinion, this is a win-win situation.

Don’t Let Mistakes Define You:

MerriLyn has shown me that mistakes are learning opportunities.  I love the way she handles her clients with grace in admitting when things have not gone too well, and I love the way she problem-solves with finesse.  I have made mistakes and have had to go to MerriLyn with trepidation.  She has always handled me with a kind firmness and goes the extra mile to ensure we get to the bottom of what went wrong, implementing measures to ensure it is not repeated, and finally fortifying all this with re-training. MerriLyn ensures that a mistake does not define you – but becomes a learning experience instead.

In my life, I have always been fortunate to have wonderful leaders and teachers.  Subconsciously,  I  seek or attract role models; and often, I am inspired by them.  I am grateful to have the ability to learn... sometimes by experience... sometimes by being coached... and sometimes by being influenced... so that I am not even aware that I am learning from them.  

I am eternally grateful to each and every one.  It is through others that we develop into ourselves!

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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