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Looking Towards the Finish Line!

You have that task you’ve been working on for a while and the end is in sight – you just need the motivation to get there. What keeps you motivated?

For the days when you’re feeling like you’ll never make it to the end of this project, here are some thoughts to keep you going.

Why did you get started in the first place?

When you’ve been working on something for so long, you can lose sight of your original passion or purpose for this project. When you started, you certainly had a big idea about what you were getting into!

Try to tap back into that mindset; while, looking back, you might feel that your preliminary thoughts were too lofty or perhaps naïve, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It can reawaken that drive inside you, enough so to push you over the finish line.

Who benefits from the end of this mission?

Whether it's the audience of a blog you’re writing, a team member looking forward to reading your report, or even just you feeling accomplished for having completed something – you finishing this project is going to put a smile on someone’s face. Think of how rewarding it is to have that effect on someone’s day (even if it’s your own)!

How can you reward yourself when you're done?

We’re not above self-bribes!

Maybe you’ve been putting off doing that “fun” activity in favor of working on this project – your diligence is admirable, but that can be tiring! Once this is finally done, you can stop declining that weekly invitation to karaoke or trivia.

When you finish a long-awaited project, it’s like a sigh of relief when you mentally mark it as “complete” in your mind. You deserve to celebrate all the work you’ve put into it!

What can you focus on when this is complete?

If something has been taking your attention for a while, you’ve probably funneled much of your time and attention to that project. But that doesn’t stop your mind from being inspired!

Once you finish that project that has been dragging on and on, you can turn your attention to a new project – one you have a newfound passion for or one that your audience is in desperate need of. While you should remain dedicated to your commitments, sometimes looking forward to your next project can serve as more motivation to take a fresh look at your current workload and get it done.

For those days when you can’t find the motivation, there are tools available to you! Assistants4Hire is here to help. We have professionals who specialize in many sectors of business and can help finalize your latest project (or take over the next)!

Want to learn more about our business and what type of services we provide? 

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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