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Honoring our Clients

The good old-fashioned way!

It’s our 7th Anniversary and we want to honor the clients that have gotten us here by giving back! 

Buy On-Demand Hours in advance and use them anytime. Currently, our on-demand hours are billing out at $65/hr…
still, if you buy in advance before July 15th, here is our offer:

Buy 5 hrs at $60/hr = $300

Buy 10 hrs at $58/h = $580

Buy 15 hrs at $55/hr = $825

Buy 20 hrs at $53/hr = $1,060

Buy 25 hrs at $50/hr = $1,250

Here are the rules:

  • You can’t use more than 5 hrs of pre-paid on-demand/week.

  • The hours roll over from week to week or month to month.

  • The hours never expire until you end contract.

  • The on-demand hours do not replace work in the scope of your contract.  They can only be used for work outside of your current scope.

  • You CAN use them as soon as early as June 2024 for any unbilled, accumulated on-demand hours.

Here are some ways our current clients are using on-demand

  • Extra lead generation processes. Reach out to potential clients or prospective clients directly via email or Linkedin.

  • A PDF showing what your business does during sales calls.  Check out ours Here

  • One sheeters for podcasts, speaking opportunities, or general introductions.  Check out ours Here

  • Website revamps: rewriting copy and/or new graphics.

  • Linked revamps:  We will write a new about section and a new cover for your LinkedIn as well as a complete LinkedIn audit.

  • Branding Guides.  Check out our's Here

Your Solution:  Select a Package and It will Automatically be added to your Account!

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