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We have been working with MerriLyn's Team and Assistants 4 Hire.  It is an amazing partnership.  The team is a great support to our company.  I highly recommend you work with them!.  

Ludovic Audesson , New York, NY ~ Partner, Rejucream


My life now feels automated.  1.5 years ago, when I hired Assistants 4 Hire, I felt overwhelmed and honestly didn’t even know where to start with how they could help me. Now I feel like everything flows, and I can focus on why I am in business: My clients and building relationships!

Marc Roberts, New York, NY ~ Owner of My HR Department




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I had the pleasure of meeting MerriLyn first at a networking event and then recommending her to speak on using LinkedIn to build and develop a robust network. And in both situations, she really shined! From the first outreach I had with MerriLyn, she was exceedingly helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, and timely. When I recommended her to speak with one of my non-profit partners she was exceedingly gracious, organized, and was a terrific trainer. She supplied invaluable information and expertise in an easy-to-digest manner, that was spot on for the group she was speaking to, and then followed up with a terrific resource guide how to navigate what can easily feel like a behemoth task of utilizing Linked In. I still refer back to her materials. She's also easy to work with, pleasant, affable, and a delight! The client I referred her to, thanked me profusely for the introduction, as did many of the attendees. I highly recommend MerriLyn, as an expert speaker as well as her virtual assistant services. She's exceedingly knowledgeable, organized, and easy to work with!

 Louis Barth- Louis Barth Coaching and Consulting Servic

MerriLyn taught me to "drive." Prior to working with her, I was literally terrified of everything other than email. Thanks to her, I have a whole new toolbag of skills and more importantly, I am not afraid to learn new digital platforms (well I still work with her so she can hold my hand through some of it...). She is patient, cheerful, encouraging, and unafraid of things she doesn't know - she looks it up and helps me proceed. She has great suggestions for me to improve and better automate my business. She is also very disciplined which has been an inspiration. All in all, the best woman to hire for any of your administrative, digital, operational needs

Elise Bernhardt- Fleur elise bkln,

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 10.10_edited.j

When I met MerriLyn (the Owner) and learned about her business, Assistants 4 Hire, I knew her idea was a homerun! We decided on a company based on MerriLyn’s research; she then coordinated all of the processes including packaging, sorting, creating an inventory list, and shipping my items.  I am looking forward to using her services again and already have several home organizations and other projects in mind for which I will use Assistants 4 Hire!

As a busy mom and business owner, I am so grateful for a service like this and would highly recommend Assistants 4 Hire to anyone in need of a helping hand!

Ruchi Pinniger ~ Upper East Side Mom

Assistants 4 Hire is awesome!  I hired her two years ago as my professional assistant.  Much of her work is virtual; still, she is hands-on for many of my events as well.  She does everything from email marketing to client calls to scheduling to online research.  She is friendly, reliable, trustworthy and willing to learn and produce any task I present to her.  I would recommend MerriLyn and her company, Assistants 4 Hire, to anyone who wants to lighten their To-Do List; in fact, I already have!

Marquette Grant, New York, NY - Owner of Prestige Communication Group and TogetherLink

I was recommended to MerriLyn’s company by a good friend of mine.  I was so impressed with her and her business idea that I immediately spotlighted her company in my business monthly newsletter.  The idea that someone can do the things that we don’t want to do so that we have more time to do the things we want is brilliant.  So brilliant I thought “why didn’t I think of that?”  I also hired her for the month of December as my Virtual Assistant.  She did such a great job and really provided great documentation of the research she performed for me.  I only wish I could hire her and her company full time!

Fred Rohan-Vargas, New York, NY -  Executive Produce,
Mixing It Up Productions LLC

MerriLyn was one of the most enthusiastic personal assistants we've ever worked with.  She was truly dedicated to making sure she gave every task we gave her ~ her all. She even thought of other ways to help us that never would have popped in our minds.  If you're looking to hire someone who is flexible and wants to bring lots of energy to the things you are overwhelmed with, then MerriLyn is the lady to talk to. 

Christina Salerno ~Queens, NY

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