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5 Healthy Tips to Refresh and Renew

Spring is a season of renewal and growth, a time to shed the old and welcome the new. It's a time when the weather begins to warm up, flowers begin to bloom, and the world seems to come alive again. It's also a great time to renew your commitment to your health and well-being.

Want to start Spring off on the right foot? We've put together five healthy tips to help you refresh, renew, and replenish your mind and body this spring. From making small changes in your daily routine to trying new activities, these tips will help you feel your best and make the most of the season.

1. Get outside.

It doesn’t even have to be something intense, although a hike or a beach day can be huge for resetting your mindset for spring. Getting active outdoors is one of the best ways to get healthy and refreshed.

I try to take my lunch outside each day. 30 minutes of fresh air and sunshine can completely change your mindset, especially if you work at your computer all day like me. It’s easy and relaxing, and it’s a great way to keep you inspired throughout the day.

2. Give yourself one task a day - and do it!

Want to mark the start of the season? Let’s try a trick to revitalize your productivity.

Give yourself just one task a day, and commit to do it. It can be something small - “Make the bed” or “Wash the dishes after I use them.” It might feel silly to prioritize something like this over bigger tasks for the day, but actually, you’re rewiring your brain and reassuring yourself that you can get things done. Once you feel good about consistently meeting your goal, you can start adding on, like “Read all my emails today.”

In just a few weeks, it will feel like you’ve totally renewed your commitment and ability to your work!

3. Prioritize relationships.

All work and no play makes… well, you know how it goes.

Whether it’s personal or professional, relationships are really at the core of what we do, aren’t they? Lunch with a friend, networking events, connecting with a prospective client… these are all relationships that we pour our energy into. So, this spring, commit to prioritizing your relationships. Don’t let a text or email go unanswered for more than a day, even if it’s to say you’ll get back to them shortly.

Make people feel valued, not because they’re a help to you, but because it’s the kind and respectful thing to do. And then feel it coming back to you. Once you’re in the habit, it’s easy to keep up!

4. Clean your space.

I know, I know, spring cleaning. But it’s caught on for a reason! Decluttering your space can be great for decluttering your mind as well - a tidy space marks subconsciously that you are archiving the old and making space for the new.

Clear off your desk. Rearrange your bookshelf. Re-pot your plants. Go through your wardrobe, change out the winter coats for the spring florals, and donate the items that you haven’t worn in the past year. Taking only what you need into the next season will totally reset your living and working space.

5. Try something new.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so why not try something new? Sign up for a class, take up a new hobby, or try a new recipe. Doing something new and different can help refresh your mind and boost your creativity.

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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