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6 Ways To Celebrate!

Are you like me?

Do you not notice what you have achieved every day and always feel that there is still a lot to do?

It's a natural tendency. If you are a highly motivated person, it is difficult to recognize the small wins when you focus on BIG Wins!

So, here is what I learned in how to celebrate the WINS!

(1) Create Goals:

During my recent interview on Better Life, Better Business, I learned from Christoph Nauer, the Host of Balance 6 Coaching, that only 3% of Americans create yearly goals. WOW! It is mind-blowing to know that I am in the 3%. This is what I have been doing for the past 10+ years! I set personal and professional goals every year.

Still, I prefer to break it down into the following:

My big goal this year is to have the business systematically and financially in a position so that next year I can take two weeks off to have a baby!

Here are the 3 Goals to get there:

(a) Get a manager trained and in place to take over major roles of the business

(b) Double the company income

(c) UpLevel my marketing strategies to get more clientele

Here are the 3 Goals to accomplish each one of the goals:

(a) Weekly Meetings

(b) How many clients I would need to sign each month

(c) How many networking events I would need to attend each week

The fact is that if you don't have a goal, you have nothing to measure your accomplishments!

(2) Take Stock:

Goal Review:

(a) I do this monthly. I go back to my google doc where my goals live and check them off with a “Done” or “In Progress.”

(b) I also hold accountability for my finances on a monthly basis, which means I get into QuickBooks on the first Monday of each month and check my profitability.

(3) Celebrate:

  • I love rewards! I buy myself little presents when I meet certain marks along the way. Recently, one of my rewards to myself was buying myself a very nice bottle of single malt scotch… a treat I have not allowed myself since starting my business! 😄

  • I also implemented an employee of the week award that we call “Badass Assistant of the Week.” It is a small acknowledgment that comes with a drumroll each week during our team meeting. Still, it has brought a great dynamic to the team energy, efficiency, and FUN! 🎉

(4) Reevaluate:

Every month when I review the goals for the business, I also look at what we need to add and improve; and in my case, I make a new goal! It is great practice and keeps us moving forward.

(5) Get help when you need it!

For the last 10 years, I have written my goals and went through this process flawlessly. Nevertheless, this year was different. The pandemic really derailed me, and I knew that I needed some help. So, I hired a coach ~ Ivy Slater of Slater Success Coaching. It did the trick and got me right back on track!

(6) Repeat:

Yep... At the end of the year, I start the process all over again.

These 6 steps have been the key to helping me stay in Gratitude for what I have accomplished consistently in my business and keep me motivated to continue forward.

I would love to hear how implementing any of these steps have helped you build your business or your life! Reply to me with your stories at!

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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