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Boost Your Attorney Practice Billing by $2,000 Monthly!

Boost Your Attorney Practice Billing by $2,000 Monthly!Boost Your Attorney Practice Billing by $2,000 Monthly!

Why did we decide to focus on Attorneys?

Like many of our stories, it was a matter of demand

I started noticing in June of 2023 that I was having a lot more Discovery Calls with attorneys. Then, I started noticing that we were getting more and more contracts from attorneys. Then in December, I realized the last 4 out of 5 contracts we had signed…were attorneys!  

So who are the attorneys we serve?

  • Solo Practitioners

  • Small firms with 1-3 partners

  • Small firms that have up to 15 people in-house

  • Large firms where we do outsourcing marketing, invoicing, or working directly with 1-3 partners

Why do Attorneys need Virtual Assistants?

My first client was a solo practitioner for NY, MD, and FL in 2018. The first thing I noticed was the amount of work that always needed to be done. It was my largest contract to date at the time. I was managing her inbox, creating lead-generation tactics on LinkedIn, and learning how to review documents like letters of agreement and invoicing. 

The law industry resonated with me:

1) I was a pre-law major in college.

2) What was truly needed were the aspects of running and scaling a business – which has no direct correlation with state laws… that is exactly what I knew how to do.

As the years went by, we started figuring out what and how we could create more value for Attorneys:

  1. We started learning CRM platforms directly related to the legal industry. Clio, Practice Panther, and Smokeball are now all in our wheelhouse. What do we do there? We create contacts, relate them to new matters, and prepare Invoices & Letters of Agreement and Proposal for review before they are sent out.

  2. We became well-versed in Quick Books Online (QBO).  Along with so many business owners, many attorneys invoice and track their finances on QBO. We send invoices, track spending through labeling expenditures, and do bill pay through this platform.

  3. We started writing blogs and social media content. Our first client for this was in 2019. We would write their blog and do a weekly social media post on LinkedIn for them. Now we do this for several attorneys.  

  4. We started implementing processes for screening call-back calls to book paid consultations or explain the process of what is involved in working together before a  15-minute free discovery call is booked. This means fewer calls that lead to nothing. 

  5. We manage everything from scheduling, calenders, rescheduling, in-person meetings, booking restaurant reservations, and we will even book hotel reservations and flights as needed.

  6. Finally, we have come up with a tried and tested lead generation process. This helps to build relationships with trusted referral partners, to network more effectively, and to find more new clients.

The bottom line: Our clients now pay us to take on 10-15 hrs a week that they can now finally bill for at $400-$500 an hour (at least here in NYC). The end result, many of our clients save tons of time and end up billing approximately $2,000.00 more a month after hiring us!

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs


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