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Nurturing Your Old Client Base: How Your Virtual Assistant Can Drive New Business Growth for Attorneys!

Updated: Jun 27

Nurturing Your Old Client Base: How Your Virtual Assistant Can Drive New Business Growth for Attorneys!

As an attorney, fostering and developing relationships with your clients is the name of the game. Strong client relationships are necessary for building a successful, client-centered law firm; this client-attorney relationship is one of the most important aspects of an attorney’s job. 

You may be shaking your head while reading this, thinking, "Of course, I know this; this isn’t anything new.

But when those new clients become former clients, do you still maintain that important relationship that you worked so hard to foster and grow?

Remember… While you may have many clients (both current and past), most of your clients will only have one attorney  YOU! 

Your most valuable assets are your existing clients  they already have established trust with you, they’re able to reach out to you for any legal assistance in the future, and they can refer potential clients to you as well!

So how can a Virtual Assistant (VA) help you not only reconnect but also maintain your relationship with your clients?

1. Email Campaigns:

Newsletters are an amazing way to stay in touch with past clients  monthly and/or quarterly newsletters ensure that your law firm remains at the forefront of their minds. Newsletters allow attorneys to not only showcase their expertise and knowledge in their respective legal fields but can also be used to share relevant legal updates, industry insights, practice advice, and more. Of course, this entire process can be delegated to your virtual assistant from formatting and personalization to creating content in your brand “voice” to even the creation of your newsletter images. 

2. Content Creation:

Outsourcing content creation to a virtual assistant can greatly aid attorneys in reconnecting with past clients. By producing engaging blog posts, articles, and social media posts, attorneys can maintain a consistent and valuable presence in their clients' lives! This not only saves time for the attorney but also guarantees that the content is professionally crafted, pertinent to the audience, and aligned with the attorney's brand. As a result, past clients are more likely to remain engaged and perceive the attorney as a reliable resource for their legal needs, potentially leading to repeat business or referrals.

3. Target Marketing:

Targeted marketing usually focuses on gathering leads in the hopes that they will later turn into clients, but this can also be applied to existing clients as well. A virtual assistant can help transition your marketing focus to relationship-building with your past clients by crafting personalized email campaigns and social media content that addresses common legal issues, relevant legal updates and news, and more. This is also a great way to introduce and encourage your referral program for your firm or promote special offers. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, quarterly update, or special promotion, consistency is key to maintaining positive relationships with past clients over time, and a virtual assistant can help with that. 

Maintaining relationships with past clients is paramount for attorneys striving to not only nurture their past client base but also drive their business to new growth! And you don’t have to do it alone — your virtual assistant will be there with you every step of the way. 

Leveraging the support of a virtual assistant can be instrumental in rekindling and sustaining these relationships. From orchestrating email campaigns and crafting engaging newsletters to curating compelling content and implementing targeted marketing strategies, virtual assistants offer attorneys the tools to consistently connect with past clients!


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Written by Micahrae Osteria


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