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Blazing Our Own Trail!

Updated: Jun 27

Recently I was at a networking event when a trusted networking referral partner, one of my VIPs, came up to me and said, “MerriLyn, I need to talk to you…”  

I went over to him, and he talked to me about a Virtual Assistance Company that he had just been introduced to him that offers 40 hrs/week of Virtual Assistance for only $2,000.00 a month. He said, “I know that this price point is much different from yours, and I just wanted you to know to make sure you weren’t missing out.”

Believe it or not, I have had a lot of conversations like this, and just like I told him, I am now going to tell you why:

1) I don’t believe these types of Virtual Assistance companies are our competition. 
2) We provide a completely different kind of service from the company he told me about.


  1. We provide Strategy and Change of Strategy throughout our Ongoing Contract. For us, strategy is part of the game! Many business owners know that they need help, but have no idea what they need help with. Others know exactly what they need but have no idea how to implement the processes to execute it!  Here at Assistants 4 Hire (A4H) we implement both. Starting with our Consultation Call and going all the way to regular monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meetings (depending on scope,) we are constantly talking strategy with our clients. Our goal is to streamline each and every one of our deliverables to get the best results and to help you continue to grow and expand your business.

  2. We hire a team of specialized Virtual Assistants to get the job done. That’s right! From our editor, graphic designer, project management expert, and even our past business banker. Each one of our team members is hired, vetted, and trained to perform their skill sets to meet the expectations and quality we promise here at A4H. That means in just one contract, you could have up to 8 team members working daily, weekly, or monthly on your account. This also means that each Virtual Assistant is doing what they enjoy, as well as they are great at what they’re doing. This creates efficiency and top-notch deliverables. Check out the services our team is hired to do based on their amazing skill sets and expertise.

  3. We manage the team for you! Were you feeling overwhelmed by a team to manage? Don’t worry, Project Management is part of the contract as well. We assign a lead to each account, and after a sufficient onboarding process (about 30-45 days,) where the lead and a backup team member learn the account, the lead becomes your point person. You will speak directly to your lead on consistent virtual calls and they will manage the rest of our team to execute everything you need.

  4. Each plan is specific to your needs. There are no cookie-cutter packages here at A4H. We curate and craft each service agreement with you and your business in mind. We want to maximize our services based on your budget, needs, and what will give you the most value. After all, you know your business best! Our job is to learn what you are already doing, work with you to make processes that make it as efficient as possible, and then execute those processes on your behalf.

  5. We write our own Procedure Manuals. Our goal is for each one of our clients to succeed, grow, and earn more money in their businesses. To scale and grow, procedure manuals and training videos are necessary. That is why we build our procedure manuals into every contract.  Whatever procedures and processes we make for our clients, they get to keep the procedure manual we created. And yes - we continue to build on them when we create new strategies and implement new processes as we work longer and longer with our clients.

  6. We hire all of our Virtual Assistants Independently. All of our virtual assistants have gone through an extensive hiring process and we have hired them independently. We do not use other virtual assistant placing companies, or hire them from other VA firms. We review each application, set them through a series of interviews, and test their work before they are hired. We also pay them a living wage based on New York City (our headquarters) laws no matter where they live. This means that we value quality, performance, and people who are really good at what they do while loving doing it above all else. We always look for the best Virtual Assistants to work with our clients. Check out our amazing team.


Want to learn more about how our team can help you or your company scale, grow, and get a little more green in your pocket? Start with your Free Discovery Call!

Written by MerriLyn Gibbs


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