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Productivity Coaching

Have you fallen out of LOVE with your business because you never have time to get everything done? 

Is your To-Do list robbing your energy?

Do things move down from the top without ever being completed?

Do your goals seem further and further away yet you're always busy?

The good news is that you are not alone, many of us feel this way. 

The even better news is that there is a way to fix it. 

There are skills that anyone can learn.

Your Solution:  A Personal Productivity Coach.

"I have worked successfully with clients, implemented these skill sets in running my business, Assistants 4 Hire, and use them daily in my own life as a business owner, mother, wife, and protecting my own time."

- MerriLyn Gibbs

How is this done?

  • We will have weekly calls to understand the tasks that need to be done.

  • We will work together to break down the tasks and prioritize them. 

  • You will have 3-5 things to focus on that can be accomplished in the next week.

  • We will create a schedule and workflow pattern that works for you instead of against you.

  • Creating a consistent accountability partnership to provide support and strategy to get tasks done.

Most of all, we'll start getting results from Day 1.

Working with me, here are just some of the results clients have achieved.

A client has been battling for the last eight years to get his memoir written and kept getting pushed further and further back…Within a year of working together, the Memoir is now written and now en route to the editing and publishing process. 



Another client had been in a state of overwhelm in her business since she started it.  She is a talented brand producer, still, she was finding it challenging to juggle her creativity with the administration required to run her business.  Within the first month of working together, we had created ease and flow by shifting her schedule to protect her most creative time and shifting the admin tasks to less productive times in her schedule.



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