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Want to try Assistants 4 Hire?

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full contract—
here are some popular projects that you can use to test us out!

Upgrade Your Brand

A style guide is a crucial piece of the puzzle for growing businesses. It ensures that your content is consistent and recognizable for future clients and customers. 


Included in this project: 

  • An hour-long meeting with you to get a feel for your business

  • A professional assessment from an experienced brand manager

  • A period of gathering items, examples, ideas

  • Finally, a finished style guide of your own, including messaging, visual branding, colors, fonts, templates, and all


Price: $1000.00


LinkedIn Profile Overhaul


When you’re networking, the first place you send people is your LinkedIn, to see your skills and experience, hear your story, and overall get to know you better. So you need to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward!


Included in this project: 

  • New Linkedin cover to look consistent and professional.

  • Rewritten Bio and “About Me” sections to give readers a true sense of who you are.

  • Any suggestions on additions of sections, what sections to add and strategy around those additions.

  • Rewrites on any sections including Experience as needed.

  • Posting advice to increase engagement, interaction, and reach of posts.


Price:  $500.00

Operational Revamp

As your business grows, you’ll need tools to keep things organized and easy to follow, for yourself and your team. But how do you know where to start? Luckily, we have some experience with this. 


Included in this project: 

  • Introduction to work management software to keep track of tasks and progress.

  • Creation of operational procedures so it is easy to onboard someone new.

  • Implementation of full framework to make it easy to outsource.


Price: Starting at $1500.00 


Drive Clean Up


Whether you use Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, DropBox, or something else, it’s WAY too easy to end up cluttered and disorganized. Instead of scrambling, trying to find that file that you swear you just had open, let us clean up and organize your drive, so that you never run into that problem again. 


Included in this project: 

  • Creation of consistent naming conventions that will be easy to remember, locate, and organize.

  • Organization of drive-through filing and folders so you always know where to save new items.

  • Clean up of obsolete files through archiving or deletion so there is not confusing clutter.


Price: Starting at $1500.00 

Your Solution:  Select a Project and let's get started!

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