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Create and Elevate with AI

Let’s face it… Sometimes, finding inspiration can take way more time than we’d like to admit. The perfect idea could take anywhere from a couple of minutes of scrolling on social media to hours of wishful pondering as you dig down deep to finally discover a thought that resonates with you.

Believe me, everyone’s been there, myself included! On numerous occasions, I’ve found myself staring at a blank computer screen for what feels like half the day, desperately hoping that inspiration would strike me in the same way that you would imagine a lightbulb to appear over a cartoon character's head. And even though it isn’t the most productive, it sometimes feels like it’s the only way to get a half-decent idea to set the foundation for something bigger.

Recently, however, I found myself wanting to experiment with other, probably less lengthy, forms of creative brainstorming. It didn’t take long for me to fall down the rabbit hole of working with Artificial Intelligence, and let me tell you, it truly has been a game changer for my methods of content and image creation. Now, I’m not saying that AI is your end-all-be-all for all methods of creativity, but it is an entirely new way to gather your thoughts, see potential possibilities, and create something that is still incredibly unique to you!

Here are the top four AI websites that I use when I find myself needing that extra push of inspiration:


This AI tool is almost like if Google Slides and Pinterest had a baby – it’s just that good! focuses specifically on presentation slides, and makes the lengthy process of resizing images, adding transitions, and maintaining consistency decrease tenfold. Their presentation templates are also out of this world. You name it, they’ve got it!

2. Rytr

Alright, so you’ve just come up with the greatest blog idea to ever exist, but the minute you open your laptop your brain turns to mush. Been there, done that. This AI writing assistant covers all platforms, from emails to ad copies to even business idea pitches! I will say though, always approach AI writing assistants with a grain of salt. They’re super great for helping convey ideas or provide great word choices, but the voice of a writer is unique to you.

3. Descript

Anyone who’s spent even a fraction of a second editing a video or podcast knows that the editing for those platforms is no joke! Sometimes it can take two instructional videos, a pep talk, and at least three to four attempts before you’re able to decently integrate an element like a caption or an image into a video. With this AI tool, you could do it in your sleep. Descript is so user-friendly, that it’ll make you want to edit videos and podcasts because it works with you, not against you.


Imagine this: You’ve spent the past 3 hours working on the landing page for your new website, and you’re so close to finishing it that you could cry tears of joy! But … something just isn’t looking right to you. Is it the layout? The image? The text? At this point, you’re wishing that someone was around you to give you a new set of eyes and give feedback on what you’ve created so far. This AI tool does precisely that. provides users with a 93% accurate predictive technology that mimics an attention map for anyone dropping in on your website. On top of that, it helps you pinpoint areas of improvement in your designs, and even provides a clarity score for your work!


An individual’s creativity, in all aspects, is undeniably unique. Whether it’s the initial idea, the process, or the execution, what sets a project apart is that the end product showcases, well … you! Don’t get me wrong, AI can definitely be daunting to use, but I strongly believe that AI tools like the ones I’ve mentioned above have elevated my content and image creation to an entirely new level. As I said before, use AI with a grain of salt, but just know that while an AI tool can help you with your creativity process or help convey new ideas, you are the one in control. They’re tools, not blueprints!

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Written by Micah Osteria

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