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Is Tech Killing Human Creativity?

Updated: Jun 27

Um…no way!

With the advent of accessible AI products online, people are stressing big time about the machines taking over human responsibilities, either out of utility or laziness. But the truth is, these products are just a chance for people to get even more creative and inspired!

Here’s some ways to use technology to your advantage:

Get Inspired:

There are so many cool things online! That’s why people get so addicted to their phones… it’s hard to look away from the awesome stuff that’s happening on there all the time!

The trick is curating your tech to give you good, creative stuff. Tune into the right distractions, and you’ll find your mind firing with all the opportunities for your own content. What are people talking about? What is your customer base looking at?


Have a question? Now you have the ability to get answers at the push of a button. (Well, a few buttons… but still.)

Whether you use Google or ask ChatGPT or phone a friend for an answer, you can find the answer to almost anything, if you know how to ask. And you might find that you learn something new when you play around with how to ask your questions, as well.

In the era of AI chatbots, it is a unique human skill to learn how to use those tools for their purposes.


It’s famously easier to edit than to create.

That is, when you have writer’s block, it can be like pulling teeth when you have to create something fresh. ChatGPT, for example, is great for creating an outline when you need to write something, whether that be a blog or an email, or even a text. Even if you decide you don’t like what the AI has suggested for you, now you know what direction you don’t want to go in.

Technology can be a huge help to getting your wheels turning; once you have something to go off of, it’s so much easier to start editing, tweaking, and rewriting.


When you see what’s already out there, you can see what the gaps are, especially in your area of expertise. What can you already find with a quick search? What’s left out is where you come in.

Expand on the topics that are out there. Your creativity and experience makes you the perfect person to put that information out there. Your content is always going to be so much more engaging than a machine’s regurgitation of facts.

Be Heard:

Technology can be a great way to elevate your voice and be heard by a wider audience. Use SEO and optimization to make sure your content is getting out there. Technology makes that happen and ensures that you can be the one out there answering the questions that others have.


At the end of the day, humans have something that machines will never have—the ability to create new ideas and new content from your own mind. AI tools only repeat things they have “studied” beforehand. If you know how to use that to your advantage, your human touch will be unparalleled.

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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