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Destined To Succeed or Fated To Fail? – You Choose!

Are you already so over the “New Year – New Me” resolutions and the ceaseless memes? Whenever you hear the word ‘resolution,’ do you need to hold back the compulsion to roll your eyes? Was there some magical motivation that you mustered up on the last day of the year which was as easy to apply as flipping a switch?

Sizing Them Up – Goals vs Resolutions:

It's all about psychology! A resolution is a firm decision that stands alone and is depending on your sheer will! A goal is much more than that. A goal is the desired outcome for which you possess ambition and exert effort! So, which one does it seem like would last the longest?

The Problem with Resolutions:

  • Lofty expectations… set way too high!

  • There is no plan… just a do or die approach!

  • No, you won't get that gym-bod in a week if you have an instant gratification mindset!

Honestly, can you think of a single resolution you kept in 2021? Or 2020? Or are you simply carrying them over from year to year?

A New Spin – Set a Goal!

While goals and resolutions may sound similar, they require more work and planning, making them more long-lasting and achievable than resolutions!

  • Goals are not rigid!

  • Goals will provide a map in achieving your desired outcome!

  • Goals are realistic… The only magic formula is YOU!

You only need to bring your… intentions, plans, and actions. Here is how!

Step 1:

First, make your goal SMART! Whether you are setting goals for yourself or your business, they need to be:

  • S = Specific or… Sensible, Simple, Significant – You Choose!

  • M = Measurable or… Meaningful

  • A = Achievable or… Attainable

  • R = Reasonable or… Realistic

  • T = Time-bound

Your goal should include all of the SMART objectives listed above to ensure that it is attainable and that you are held accountable!

Step 2:

Plot your goal! Break your goal down into 5 or more actionable steps. For example, if your goal is to…

"Improve time management skills in your business and personal life so that you have at least 60 minutes per day to learn or read something to better myself within the next 6 months!" –

You must then begin listing the actions required to achieve that goal...

It can look something like this:

  • Make a list of your daily tasks to see where you waste the most time.

  • Look for and work with a productivity coach to keep you accountable (Merrilyn does a great job at keeping people accountable!)

  • Look at things that don’t add value and can be deleted, and then work to get them off your plate!

  • Determine the content and courses you would pursue if you had 60 minutes per day to devote to self-improvement!

Step 3:

Break down each action point above into action items and assign timelines – these are the steps toward your goal. Your actions can look something like this:

  • Look for a productivity coach

  • Make a list of people you'd like to collaborate with today (might I suggest MerriLyn?)

  • Call a person a day and write down your pros/cons and how you felt – by Friday

  • Call someone every day and write down your pros/cons, as well as how you felt… by Friday!

  • Consider your options and choose the coach who vibes with you… by Monday!

Isn't it simple?

Step 4:

Once you've listed your actions and started ticking them off, work with your productivity coach to identify the rituals you'll need to follow to ensure you're working toward your goals on a daily basis. This can be as simple as reviewing your calendar weekly and time blocking!

Step 5:

Monitor, get feedback, and keep working towards achieving your goals. The best thing about having a goal is that you can't fall off the bandwagon because you don't really fail. Each step propels you towards your desired outcome. But keep an eye out – a productivity coach or buddy can be your most valuable ally!

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” ― Bill Copeland

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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