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TIME! Valuing Your Most Precious Commodity!

Updated: Jun 27

A few years ago, I was attending an event called "Building a Million Dollar Business," hosted by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) There was a panel of 5 women business owners who have all passed the million-dollar mark in their net profits. A pretty amazing feat as only 3% of the 11 million female business owners in the US has accomplished this in their businesses. Still, one of the most interesting things that I heard from one of these women was, "Value your time, time is your most precious commodity." She went on to say that she guards her time to the extent that she has learned to remove anyone or anything she feels is an energy sucker in her life.

Of course, as the owner of Assistants 4 Hire and a true apostle to this belief, I loved hearing this from a million-dollar business owner. So, what is there to be done with such an encouraging takeaway? Write a Blog of Course! So, here are 5 things we can do to guard our time a little more!

1) Choose who you spend your time with!

We are all sources of energy. How we affect other people and how they affect us is in direct proportion to how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive our world. Want better energy in your life? Start paying attention to how you feel about the people in your life. Do you feel uplifted and energized? OR Do you feel stressed and drained? It may be time to eliminate or decline the time you spend with the people that create more stress or deplete you in your life.

This holds true in business. Pay attention to how you feel with your team members, your clients, and your networking groups. If you are feeling consistent draining energy, it may be time to consider a change.

2) Self Care?

Are you spending time for yourself? Doing things that are truly just and only for you? This could be gym time, meditation, writing, yoga, socializing, a walk during your lunch hour, or just a nice glass of wine and book break for 15 minutes. The key, renew your energy for you, every day!

Without renewing our strongest energy sources, we won’t have the energy to perform all of the other tasks that we need to accomplish, let alone be fully present in our business or our personal lives.

3) Give Love, Get Love!

Spend a little time giving your time and energy to someone you love! The result: you will get it back! What we receive is in direct proportion to what we give. Want more love, do one more thing each day to give it!

4) Self Compassion!

Ever feel like you are not doing enough? Made a mistake? Feel that what you are doing is not effective? Yes, we have all felt that way at some point. It is a normal part of being human. Maybe the next time you feel that way, say what you would to your best friend. "I am sorry you feel that way, still I know you are doing your best, it is enough and everything will be ok." From there, create a course of action to get back on track, repair the mistake or create a new process that will help eliminate the mistake being made again.

5) Stop doing the things you dread doing!

Of course, you knew that was coming! We are Assistants 4 Hire after all! But really. Stop it! When we force ourselves to do things we hate, it zaps our energy. It could be the reason you are feeling burnt out in business or your home. We work with clients all the time, that once we take 1-2 things off their weekly administration tasks they are renewed in their business and get back into the energy and tasks of why they went into business in the first place.

Not sure where to start, start with a free Discovery Call and see how Assistants 4 Hire can help you get some of your TIME back!

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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