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How To Save More Time In 2021!

Updated: Jun 27

Have you ever thought "I just wish I could clone myself so I just could do more"? What if I said that you could? Well, relatively speaking. With a good Virtual Assistant, you really can have someone write and act in your voice virtually.

Now, you thinking… but how?

When I first meet with a client, I do an Administrative Assessment with them. I have them list everything that they do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually (each in their own grid). Then I ask them to label each item 1-5 in their level of enjoyment. (1= they would rather bathe their cat .. 5= Where they THRIVE!) Then, I ask them to label a percentage of time they place it.

Here is a short example of what that could look like:

Daily (note this is not a complete list so, therefore, does not equal 100%. Also, in most cases, only 25%-35% of the day is tied up with administrative items.

After compiling the list, I then advise that anything that is a level 1 of enjoyment should then be given to our company to do for them. When clients are doing things that they don’t enjoy, they are taking time out of their day for brain power, enjoyment, productivity, and losing revenue. Simply put, when business owners are doing things that we don’t like doing, they eat away at their brainpower and happiness.

Anything that is a level 2-3 is really a judgment call. If it is taking a large portion out of the day or week, then it may be something that could be considered to be outsourced. If it is something that is taking a small portion of the day, then it may be something not really worth paying someone else to do as it is really not taking a lot of their day or week.

All items that are 4 or 5 levels of enjoyment should be things that are kept on the administrative tasks of the client. They thrive and gain more energy from performing these tasks themselves!

After creating and analyzing the complete list with our client, then we can really figure out what administrative duties Assistants 4 Hire will take over for the client to free up their lives and GIVE THEM MORE TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT THEY LOVE!


1. More TIME for brain space

2. More TIME to do things they currently can’t find time to do.

3. More TIME for the things that they thrive in doing.

4. More EFFICIENCY in their business!

5. More REVENUE!

In the end, someone doing your job as well or better than you would in the things that are really time killers for them! So, relatively speaking, Your clone- doing the things you don’t want to do!

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