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Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Ever find yourself caught in routine? It can be easy to stick to what you know - you’ve already mastered it, so why rock the boat!

Well, you’d be surprised. Here are 6 reasons why you should step outside of the box every once in a while.

Reason #1 Breath of fresh air:

Monotony: A noun, defined as “lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.”

Even if you love your routine, doesn’t a breath of fresh air sound nice? Sometimes, it’s reinvigorating to get out there and try something new.

Reason #2 Stretch your creative muscles:

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone, by definition, means exploring new ground. When you fall into routine, it can be like muscle memory… It’s easy, but that means you’re not using your creativity to its full potential!

By trying something new, you maximize your potential. The same way knowing the extent of your talents makes you feel wonderful after a good workout!

Reason #3 – Learn new things:

If you don't try, you won't learn. Even if you believe you know everything, there is always more to learn. Even if you think you won't return to the topic, you never know when your new knowledge will come in handy.

Reason #4 Builds your confidence:

When you do something you thought you wouldn’t like or wouldn’t thrive at, it actually builds your confidence! It’s never as bad as you think it’ll be.

By getting out of your comfort zone, you realize that you’re more than capable of handling whatever life throws at you.

Reason #5 Discover a new talent or passion:

You might find out you really like this new thing!

Things that you may not have felt called to in the past have a habit of sneaking up on you. You might discover that if you go back to or try something you thought you wouldn't like, it is now within your reach as your profession develops and adapts. Who knows, maybe you'll incorporate it into your repertoire on a regular basis.

Reason #6 Refocus on what you love:

Not everything in life is a home run! What matters is that you discover something new. You might discover something new that you enjoy, or you might discover that something isn't really your thing. And that's okay!

After trying something new, you have even more knowledge than before, allowing you to concentrate on your passion while being confident in your abilities.

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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