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Getting Creative with Canva!

One of the great things about working at Assistants4Hire is being able to do the things you love. This rings true for our clients as well as ourselves.

One thing that truly motivates me about my job at A4H is the freedom that I get to be truly, truly creative!

One tool that helps me feel (emphasis on "feel") like a modern-day Picasso is this nifty little platform called Canva. Canva helps me channel all my creativity, and it's super simple to use.

They have some great features to help my creatives come out looking super sharp. Here are the Top 5 things I love about Canva that makes my job at A4H easy.


Canva is great for keeping any brand on point. The way I like to do this is to create 3-5 templates in the client's brand guidelines and color schemes. This makes creating a weekly post a breeze and keeps images uniform and looking sharp. I love to work with a simple base and play with overlays and font sizes and color inversions to keep things within the brand – but looking fresh.

Mood Board:

I am always on the lookout for inspiration for creatives and a fresh take on designs. Canva has so many useful templates and images. I often add them to my favorites or simply create a file of templates and images that appeal to me in some way. This could be an element or a concept to build on – but, it’s great to be able to build a repository of inspiration.


Something that is always saving me a ton of time is the resizing tool on Canva because we know that image sizes vary across all platforms. This tool saves me a lot of time. Now, I can have creatives to fit across several platforms in a matter of minutes. Thank you, Canva creators!!

Background Remover & Transparent Background:

This has got to be the fanciest and my most used feature on Canva. This feature is super amazing because you can make people super uniform, tidy, and impose their image on any background of choice – without the pain of having to hack away at the background piece by piece. It saves a ton of time and makes a creative – such as a webinar flyer – super elegant. Also, saving these images to use later on a transparent background is super helpful. The transparent background feature is especially handy when creating logos. Did I mention Canva is super versatile?

Versatile and Simple To Learn:

I have been using Canva for the longest time, and I have seen them evolve into a super creative space. I love the fact that you can create images – for social posts, flyers, posters, and event videos and documents with links – you are only limited by your imagination on Canva. The best part? It is very easy to learn and use. Most of the components are intuitive, and there is a wealth of resources that can show you how it’s done.

At A4H, I create weekly social posts, images for newsletters & blogs, document content, PowerPoint presentation templates, flyers, promo campaigns, social media headers, and more as a part of my tasks for our clients – saving their time so they can invest time in doing what they love to grow the business. The plus side? I get to do what I love, too…

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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