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Getting Social on LinkedIn!

Updated: Jun 27

In our recent blog, 6 Tips for Using LinkedIn ~ ~ we learned that LinkedIn is your one-stop-shop for networking and professional development, right at your fingertips. You no longer need to carry around twenty business cards in your wallet just in case; you can just connect with them on your phone’s LinkedIn app.

Still, it can be frustrating when you pour your time into your LinkedIn content and it seems to get very little traction. People can be hesitant to take the next steps of being super present on professional social media sites, but don’t be! If you can’t be there hustling in person, you need to get the facetime online.

Below are some easy things you can do to improve the views you’re receiving on your LinkedIn posts and get your connections engaged.


Hashtags are a great way to organize your posts for your own reference; not to mention, they increase the discoverability of your posts! This means that when you use appropriate hashtags with your posts, you can help new people find your business. #Great!

Unlike other social media sites, it’s important to be focused and appropriate with your LinkedIn hashtags. Be concise and pick out the most important features of your post that you want to highlight using a hashtag. (And don’t use your hashtags as an excuse to skip on the copy!)

As a rule of thumb, if your hashtag contains more than one word, be sure to capitalize the start of each new word in the hashtag so that it is easily understood by your viewers; and don’t use punctuation or apostrophes inside your hashtag (these marks indicate the end of a hashtag and would cut you off). Also, remember to only use 3-5 hashtags per post. After that, LinkedIn doesn’t recognize them in search results.

So, on your next post, try out using 3-5 specific hashtags to highlight your new content! Keep them focused to your topic, true to your brand, and eye-catching, so that the next time someone searches for that hashtag, your post will appear!

Tagging Your Connections:

Have you ever heard that little “ping!” from your phone, and, when you check the notification . . . “Becca tagged you in a post!”

It happens to me all the time on plenty of platforms. And my instinct is, of course, to click on the notification, which takes me to the app, and then click on the post itself where I was tagged. I’ll interact with the person who tagged me, like the post, and check out what it’s all about - after all, my friend saw this and thought I ought to see it! I might as well investigate.

Well, the same logic applies to LinkedIn!

On your new post, if you want to get a little more traction, tag a couple of your connections in the comment section of your post. This ensures that these few people are going to see your content if you were worried they would miss it. If you have a post about a particular topic or targeting a specific audience, try to think of a few people you’re connected with who will benefit from doing a deeper dive into that topic.

Be sure not to tag every single person you’re connected with on LinkedIn; at that point, it just seems like spamming, which will lead to people not taking you seriously when you tag them next time. Also, don’t let that tag be your only interaction with your audience! Be sure to keep up with your connections and share the love when they post as well.

Share Your Posts:

If you post on just your main page, that means anybody you’re connected with could see your post… it also means it has a lot of other content to contend with.

For more focused attention, consider sharing your post to more exclusive pages you may be a part of. Are you on a special page for Glassblowers In NYC? Entrepreneurs From Your College Town? Digital Marketers Working In Tech?

Consider sharing your post to those specific groups you’re in, whatever they may be; there are fewer posts to compete with, it’s a bit more focused, and most importantly, you’re in that group for a reason! These people you’re networking with on these pages want to engage with you and your content, and vice versa!

Have an active presence in your networking groups on LinkedIn and reap the benefits.

Make Great Content:

Well, obviously.

Be consistent, know your audience, and be clear with your messaging. You obviously don’t want to waste anyone’s time with posts that you don’t believe in. Make sure that the things you are posting/tagging/sharing are worthy of representing you and your business to your audience.

Great graphics and amazing copy are going to do the heavy lifting for you - these other steps are just to get your amazing content into the right hands.

Make sure your presence on LinkedIn is active and regular. People will look forward to seeing your posts when you’re actually connected.

So, go out there and get acquainted with your # and @ buttons, and share away!

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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