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Have You Seen... AVATAR: The Way of Water?

James Cameron’s new movie was inspired by the beauty and mystery of the oceans of earth. In his TED Talk, Cameron reports that his interest has been there since he was a teen.

In essence, James Cameron, the wildly successful and talented director, creates the movies that he is interested in and would want to see. His genuine curiosity and interest in his subject is what gives his passion and vision life in his films.

How does that relate to us?

There is an irrefutable truth that when you put your heart into something, your work will be the best it has ever been. Your investment in your work distinguishes your final product from phoned-in attempts.

We may not be making blockbuster movies like James Cameron, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring that philosophy to our work, no matter what it may be. That being said, it may seem like a less obvious moral.

The trick is to create the work that you would’ve liked to see or to use. Marketing your insurance firm or doing invoices may not necessarily be your passion the way scuba diving is for James Cameron, but the service you’re providing is even more essential.

Here are some tips to reframe your mindset around your work:

  • Think about the questions you have or the things you would find useful as a consumer. By putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and remembering who you were when you were on their side of the screen, you can serve them with honesty.

  • Figure out what parts of your job you’re excited about. Your work contains many different tasks, and there are certain tasks you look forward to more than others. By figuring out for yourself exactly what parts of your job you like, you can pour your heart into them and watch them become things that you love. Your genuine interest will come through.

  • If you genuinely dread certain parts of your job, it might be time to look into offloading. Whether it’s negotiating a shift of responsibilities with a colleague or hiring an outside agency, delegating a task that you dislike allows you to focus on what you love... and let someone else decide if they love what you just handed to them.

You might not be redefining the sci-fi film industry, but by taking the lessons of James Cameron, you can focus on becoming a master of YOUR industry.

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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