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How To Make The Holidays More Fun This Year!

I have always loved the holidays, especially the Christmas and New Year Season!  Still, as the To-Do Lists increase over the holidays ~ Holiday Parties, Holiday Decorations, Dinners, Gift Buying ~ it can also become overwhelming and exhausting.  Therefore, as a way to remind myself and others to sit back and enjoy the holiday season more this year, here are 5 tips to help us remember to let go a little and enjoy much more!

1. Buy ONLINE: 

Yes, sitting on your couch watching the snow drift and drinking hot tea . . . or better yet ~ a glass of wine . . . is the BEST way to get your Christmas Shopping done!  The added bonus is that you can compare and shop the same item for the best price at the touch of a button.  Go for it . . . and if you haven't already, it may be time to invest in the $100/year membership fee on Amazon Prime for FREE SHIPPING!  You will probably save yourself $100 of shipping fees alone just over the holidays!

2. SAY "NO":

You do not have to participate in every food drive, coat drive, school holiday bake sale, or attend every holiday party you are invited to attend.  I am giving you permission to say "NO."  Make some rules for yourself and prioritize before all of the "requests" start coming in.  For instance, this year, I am only going to participate in 4 charity events or two extra activities a week which will be my max.  This means that if it's a bake sale . . . baking the cookies is one extra activity and attending the event is the second activity.  Also, if you know your favorite party every year is Aunt Edna's Christmas Eve Eggnog Party, make sure that takes priority!

3.  Make TIME for Yourself!:

If there was ever a time to be MORE focused on self-care, it is the holiday season.  The holidays are a challenging emotional time for many of us.  It may be emotionally challenging because we have to deal with family members or dynamics that are not particularly healthy.  Or for others like myself, it could be the lack of family or partner that the holiday blasts in front of our eyes.  Whatever the case may be, stay focused on your self-care goals and maybe create an accountability structure.  For instance . . . "I will meditate everyday and go to the gym every week."  If you don't, there is a consequence that you really don't want to happen!  If you do, you get a reward like buying that fun jacket you have been eyeing.

4.  Spend Time with the People Who Uplift You!:

The holidays are a great time to remember the most important people in your life.  Make sure that you are committing to their parties and their gatherings . . . or make your own.  Host a party for all of your besties in the neighborhood so you can sit back and truly feel uplifted and filled with love by the ones you love the most!

5. Have FUN!:

Whether this craft night with your little one, dancing at the office Holiday party an hour later than normal or just having your favorite whimsical friend over for drinks ~ make the Holiday Season a little lighter by laughing and doing things that you love and maybe you haven't done for a long time.

Let's make this Holiday Season Our Best Yet!

Happy Holidays to all of you, our Assistants 4 Hire Community. May you feel the light and love of the season!

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