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Make Your Dreams A Reality with Assistants 4 Hire!

Make Your Dreams A Reality with Assistants 4 Hire

Have you ever gotten that feeling where everything just clicked? It’s as if, for a brief moment, the universe and the stars had aligned – that quick, fleeting euphoria that feels like a mix of pride, joy, surprise, and determination.

It could’ve been when you learned how to ride a bike for the first time or when you could finally recreate your grandma’s famous recipe. The best way that I could describe it is when all that time, effort, and work that you put into something comes to fruition, and you can feel and see with your own eyes that everything paid off.

That’s how I feel when I create digital marketing materials with Assistants 4 Hire!

When you have the opportunity to get paid for doing something that you love and that you’re passionate about, it’s like winning the lottery – and I’ll never get tired of it. My role as Assistant Digital Marketing Manager with Assistants 4 Hire is by far the most rewarding, fun, and exciting job that I’ve ever had – plus, there’s always an opportunity to learn, improve, and of course, create!

With all the clients that I create digital marketing material for, you’d think that it would get overwhelming and confusing with all the different industries and focuses. But it’s the opposite – I love learning about all the amazing things that our clients do and what their passions are. They just released a new podcast episode? Great, I’ll put it on in the background. They were featured in an interview pertaining to their profession? Perfect, I’ll give it a quick read just because I’m curious. Our clients' wins are our wins, their vision is our vision. And that definitely translates into my work – if they’re passionate about it, then so am I!

But aside from that, I also view it as a way to bridge the gap between myself and our clients. Since I work remotely from California, many of our clients are across the country from me, so there’s never an opportunity to do something quick and fun like grab lunch or coffee with them. So, what better way to connect with them than through the content I create? With this mindset, I’m proud to say that all of my deliverables are created to the highest standards and to the best of my ability every single time. 

When people say to do things that you love, it always seems to be so abstract and out of reach. How can I do the things that I love when I have to make time for so many other tasks and commitments throughout the day? Is it even possible to find a balance between work and play, or is that just something we collectively as a whole wish for but won’t ever achieve?

Well, with Assistants 4 Hire, that dream is a reality. When I first got hired, MerriLyn very passionately explained our company mission: “You Do the Things You Love, We Do The Rest.” My favorite part, though, was when she said it applied to our A4H team as well. Believe me when I say that everyone at Assistants 4 Hire is doing what they love too – it’s not just some far-fetched idea that can only be accessed in our wildest dreams. 

We do what we love, so that you can do what you love! 


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Written by Micahrae Osteria


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