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Manage Your Calendar Like a Boss

Updated: Jan 3

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of conversations in my networking calls about managing your calendar. I hear things like:

  • Create a color-coding system.

  • Make sure you have work blocks set.

  • Give yourself time for thought and strategy.

  • Create Boundaries.

Yes, all of these things are well and good…still, there is no exact formula on how to actually manage your calendar like the Boss that you are! So, here is the skinny on a plan that will actually create the calendar that works for you.

1. Yes…do set up a color-coding system.

Here is an example of what I use:

  1. Red – My daughter Belen’s. Some examples include: The times I have to drop her off and pick her up from school. All activities for her, such as gymnastics, playdates, birthday parties, travel with her dad, etc.

  2. Purple – My time. This is anything that is mine. Workouts, yoga classes, doctor’s appointments, golfing, etc.

  3. Gray – Anything for my husband Ashado.

  4. Yellow – Client Calls or in-person (finally happening this year!) meetings.

  5. Orange – My Business Coaching meetings.

  6. Pink – Consult Calls

  7. Blue – All internal meetings for A4H

Now the steps on how to use these colors:

2. Begin with a starting time and an ending time of when calls can be scheduled each day.

My schedule is as follows:

  1. Monday – 1-5pm

  2. Tuesday – 2-5pm

  3. Wednesday – 10am- 2pm.

  4. Thursday – No Calls. This is an internal meetings and strategy day.

  5. Friday – 9-11am and 1-3pm.

3. Add any recurring events in their appropriate colors.

Examples include:

  1. Team Meeting every Monday morning.

  2. Yoga class every Sunday.

  3. Research time on the calendar for Ashado.

  4. Weekly meetings with clients.

4. Play with your energy to block time for strategy and work time.

  1. A common practice here is to block an entire day (or two days) a week for a work block strategy and internal meetings. If this resonates with you, pick a day that works in your schedule and play with it. My day is Thursday as by that time my energy level is really begging for a slower day and time to catch-up.

  2. Still, this may not be your best match. Maybe you are just not a high-energy person in the morning and afternoons are your creative or productive time. In this case, I suggest planning your meetings in the morning and having large work blocks each afternoon.

  3. If you need to accommodate child care or just your energy flow, “Stacking” is another option. You may want to consider really doing a 3 day work week where you do most of your working hours Monday through Wednesday when you have more time or energy. Then, do little to no work the rest of the week.

5. Give yourself a lunch break and a work block every day you work.

  1. Yep, in the day and age of Work From Home (WFH) it seems our lunch breaks have been wiped clean off our calendars. Reclaim them. Even 30 minutes of sitting down and eating while not working will do a world of wonder for your stress and energy levels.

  2. Find a 1-3 hour block every workday for “working time.” This means uninterrupted time for you to do whatever you need to for your business. Remember to find the time (or times) of the day that is best for each activity. For instance, I am my most creative in the afternoons, so every week I utilize a couple of work blocks:

  3. Mondays – A work block in the morning for payroll, time logs, invoicing, etc. because I don’t need creative space to do these activities. They are process oriented tasks.

  4. Thursday – A work block from 11:30-2 pm for creative time. This could be writing my blog or other writing for clients. – I still love writing a few newsletter intros.

6. Make time for FUN!

  1. This is something I rarely hear. Yet, fun and play (however you define it) are so important to us having brainpower. How do I make sure “play” happens in my life?

  2. Every Wednesday and Thursday after 2:30pm, my work is done and this is my time to be with my daughter! I love playing with her and spending time together. It renews me and rejuvenates my energy.

  3. Every Tuesday I play golf.

  4. I have a weekly date night with my husband! Yep…FUN for me!

  5. I also go salsa dancing every week with my husband!

The most important thing for any calendar is making it work for you, for your personality, and for the flow of your life. It is indeed unique to you.

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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