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Spill the TEA!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Spill the TEA:

Are you on a quest?

While this is not the most obvious and foremost “Quest,” we have in mind that we are all constantly striving to reach our full potential.

Subconsciously, we are always on the lookout for the next “life hack” . . . the next “boost” . . . the next great “App” . . . or the next great “self-help” or “coaching’ book.”

Are you tired of looking?

Want something that will just cut through the noise?

I hear you, so let’s take a moment to “Spill the TEA” ~ shall we?

We all fantasize about doing a lot more if we had more time… however, this is not the only reason our “Quest for Productivity” crashes and burns.

In fact, there are three pillars to productivity; and sometimes you just need a little TEA!

Yes, TEA!

T -Time

E - Energy

A - Attention

Focusing on this framework will help you zone into the one thing you lack, which will provide you with the best return for your investment of Time, Energy, and Attention.

All you need to do is align yourself to hit that “productivity” sweet spot so you can zone in easily and get the task done.

So how can you get TEA working for you?  We need all three to be productive.  If there is a struggle, then therein lies the disconnect.

For example, if you have Energy and Attention, but lack the Time…

  • “I need more hours in the day…”

  • “I couldn’t find the time…”

  • “I have heaps to get through; I can’t find the time…”

Sound familiar?

Do you find your calendar constantly overbooked?  With zero downtime, you keep crazy hours and are constantly in a buzz of activity running from pillar to post!

Well, there is a simple formula for you:

Energy + Attention – Time = Overwhelmed

If this is you, consider:

· Scheduling your time

· Delegating Tasks

· Optimizing systems and processes

· Looking at alternatives that would free up your time

Time - This is the first step of the “productivity” journey for anyone. This is how you can manipulate time to glean the most from it:

· Systems - that deal with the menial task and optimize productivity

· Strategies - to create more time

· People - get them working for you and delegate

You have the Time and Attention, but lack Energy...?

  • “I really should get on with…(fill in the blank with any pending activity)”

  • “I regret not sorting it out today; I was just there…”

  • “Hmmm…maybe tomorrow”

Well, if your forté is finding super creative ways to procrastinate . . . this is you. We all know it’s not because you are incapable; you are perhaps the most capable, but there is this slump you just can’t shake!

Here is your formula:

Time + Attention – Energy = Exhausted

Here is a strategy for you:

Add structure to your day:

· Formulate and get on with an exercise routine

· Make time blocking work for you

· Work with someone who can initiate a structure and process for you to get you going

Energy - The key is finding ways to improve and harness your energy and take a consistent course of action.  You need to look at...

· Sleep – Getting the right amount of quality sleep and rest

· Rituals – Creating structure around you

· Motivation – Using goals and teams/people to spur you on

Does everything you need to do in a day or a week make you feel stressed?  Finding that you have done so many tasks, but ultimately are no closer to achieving your goal?  Finding that you are attending to the trivial small tasks, but never carry out the project?

  • “Gosh, where do I start...”

  • “I want to get my proposal out, but I can’t seem to get around to it”

  • “Yes, it’s on my To-Do List which is about to explode…”

Does this resonate?

Here is you in a formula:

Time + Energy - Attention = Distracted

Here are a few hacks for you:

· If you work in an office, claim a power hour; put up a “do not disturb” sign and get it done

· Practice the art of deep work

· Watch out for your social media accounts and email notifications – don’t give in to FOMO

· Plan your day well in advance, even the day before

· Clean and clear your workspace the day before

Attention - Eliminate distractions and interruptions so you can get more done. Work on what matters and stay on course to etch out your ideas for the future. 


· Focus – on your task at hand do not deviate

· Goals – create them and complete only tasks that contribute towards them

· Mindset – get it right and locked on achieving

By now, you may have deduced that you need all three factors or TEA to achieve optimal levels of productivity!

Once you have identified the obstacles to your productivity and work toward eliminating them, you can make quantum leaps in achieving your goals.  You need to develop your own personal strategy to make yourself stand out in order to realize your full potential. 

Sometimes, all you need is a consistent and capable hand nudging you in the right direction... prompting you for the next action . . . and a team that frees up your time but gets you ahead of the game and gets the job done.

In no time, Assistants 4 Hire will have you productive with systems, structure, and procedures in place.  This is the A-Team you want on your side!

Want to learn more about our business and what type of services we provide? 

Visit us at:

Written by Tatum De Souza

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