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Spring Has Sprung?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Spring Has Sprung?:

You’re washing up and getting ready for another day of working from home when you get a text from your mother, “Remember to wish your aunt a happy birthday today!”  But that can’t be… Aunt Sarah is a Taurus… How is it already May??

Okay, that’s a very specific example; but many people can relate to the feeling they get when they look at a calendar and realize they’ve been locked inside for over two months now (if not longer).  Where did the time go?  Does it suddenly feel like not only has Spring sprung, but it has sprinted away without you?

Fear not.  Spring isn’t over yet.  In fact, if you’re in the Northeast of the US right now, it feels almost as if it hasn’t even begun ~ and there are ways to enjoy the season even considering everything going on in the world. 

Open The Windows:

So, you have to stay inside.  You probably have your adhoc home office all set up at this point; if possible, try moving to be in view of a window while you work to get some of that beautiful Spring sunlight during the day, if not temporarily moving entirely onto a porch or patio for the day.  It’s important to feel the sun and fresh air to appreciate the beauty of the season, and that’s certainly possible even while you’re working at home! 

Go For A Walk:

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how important it is to get some exercise and stay active during the pandemic.  This isn’t just for physical health, though... it’s good for you mentally as well!  This is a great way to appreciate the beauty of Spring and step away from your cave of safety for a short while. 

Plant Some Flowers:

You’d be surprised how many plants can flourish on your windowsill or bookshelf!  Of course, it depends on several factors, including the amount of light your space gets, the temperature of your home (and local climate), and your personal level of commitment to/experience with keeping a houseplant alive.  There’s no denying, however, that some plant life in your home - from a cactus to a herb garden, from daisies to a snake plant - can pick up your energy, make you more productive, and replicate the feeling of walking through a field of springtime wildflowers!  For help selecting a houseplant, check out Bloomscape for some ideas; if you can’t commit to keeping a plant alive right now, you can always order fresh flowers for delivery!  If you’re in the NYC area, consider ordering from Fleur Elise Bkln or taking an arrangement class online.

Update Your ~ “Look”:

That’s not to say you should spend your savings on an online shopping spree; there are ways to spruce up your Spring wardrobe right at home!  When this all began, it was still Winter.  Pull out your Spring/Summer clothes from that box in the back of your closet, dust off those floral prints, and have a little fashion show!  If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even try your hand at sewing and make something completely new.  And if you want that glamorous hands-on approach to styling, check out Sterl on Style offering Virtual Styling Sessions for $97 through the month of May using what’s already in your closet to restyle you and create new looks!

Spring Cleaning:

This one doesn’t sound super fun, but hear me out… Spring is culturally seen as a time for letting go of the old and making room for the new.  You may feel stalled out right now and uninspired to go through the junk drawer, but that’s why it's important now more than ever.  It’s not just physically cleaning out the clutter, but also emotionally letting go of what’s been weighing on you and continuing on with more space for hope, positivity, and compassion.  You’ll feel much better with the craft closet finally organized, as well. 

There you have it!  Some ideas to take better advantage of the longer days and warmer afternoons, all the while honoring the precautions you’re taking right now. 

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Written by Jordan McAndrew

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