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Vibe Check!

Vibe Check:

We see it splashed across social media, we send it to our colleagues and loved ones, and we are sure to create "Good Vibes Only!"

What exactly is a 'vibe' and why is it so important?:

We all have a wide range of emotions that can change dramatically over the course of a day, depending on our experiences, beliefs, and triggers. Some of these emotions are obviously better than others. A 'Vibe' is the emotion we are feeling that creates a sense of being.

If we are in a place of peace and love, for example, we are in a peaceful atmosphere with a high frequency of manifestation. When we are fearful or angry, we are functioning at a low vibe, which generates anxiety and inhibits all the beautiful energies and blessings that are attempting to reach us.

Why A Vibe Check?:

Like attracts like, so you are like a magnet, attracting more of what you are thinking and feeling. Do you have feelings of love, thankfulness, and gratitude? You'll attract more situations and people who will make you feel the same way. Do you have feelings of resentment, annoyance, or negativity? Guess what? You're attracting more situations and people who will keep you feeling this way!

Break the cycle with a Vibe Check!:

Every day, our thoughts create our reality! Thoughts are extremely powerful – "You think it, you get it" is a good motto to remember when you catch yourself. We frequently get in our own way with doubt, negativity, and negative self-talk.

Get out of YOUR own way!:

Think of everything you desire as vibrating at a high frequency. To receive, you need to work on increasing your frequency!


Here are some suggestions for increasing your frequency when you notice it dipping:

Gratitude Practice:

Because like attracts like, being thankful and grateful will attract more instances of you to attract more reasons to be thankful and grateful. Choose 5 things to be thankful and grateful for and write them down before going to bed or waking up. Vibe Check! If you feel your vibe slipping, go back and read this again.

Practice Forgiveness:

Holding on to anger or annoyance is similar to clinging to helium balloons, which will eventually carry you away. You're also attracting more reasons to be angry and annoyed. So, hold on to your knowledge while letting go of your emotions. Vibe Check! Don't let anyone or anything rent space in your head if they don't deserve to be there!

Focus Shift:

If you are sensitive enough, the universe will send you tiny nudges to get you out of a negative thought pattern, such as a loud noise, flash of light, or something falling – to encourage you to stop mid-thought. The point is to break free from a negative train of thought and instead focus on the positive elements within. For example, instead of thinking about something that irritated you at work, consider what you like about your job. Vibe Check! Focus on what you want more of!

Quick Fix:

If your thoughts are like wild horses and you've thought yourself into a slump, make a list of things you know instantly raise your vibe, such as a favorite playlist, a walk, swim, yoga, meditation, a favorite treat, or petting your cat – whatever it is – pick an item off your list and shift your vibe.

Do Something Nice:

Compliment or encourage someone, give kudos to a teammate for a job well done, flowers, appreciation notes, small gifts... These are all small gestures that will raise your vibe and the recipient's vibe. You will also be attracting more of the same into your life.

Vibe Check… Because you deserve to have fun in life, you should enjoy what you do so that you can attract more of what you enjoy doing into your life.

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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