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All Work and No Play… You Know the Rest

As someone who works from home, I find myself going a little stir-crazy at times. Even with the added stimulation of a background television show or a scenery change (my living room vs. my bedroom), it still doesn’t feel like enough. And then, after being home all day, it’s like… well, now I don’t feel like doing anything! I’ve never been one to work at a café (too overstimulating) or a communal office space (too boring), so what do I do here?

This past month, I tried something a little different. Every Sunday, I set aside time to fill the gaps in my schedule. I take a look at my week and what I have to accomplish with work, and I ask myself, “what’s needed?” I’m a huge fan of websites like “Eventbrite” and “Meetup” that fill three main categories for me—mental, physical, and creative fulfillment. In the last week, I got tickets to a dance show, yoga in the park, and a networking event for entertainment people (all for free!).

Giving myself a little structured playtime has opened up many doors for me. It’s like I’m getting the ball rolling on life. It’s made me more in tune with my long-term goals now that I’m putting more energy into my day-to-day activities. I feel I can give more attention to my creative projects now that I’m giving time to the other slices of life that need a little care.

Another resource I’ve found useful is something called ClassPass (just FYI, they gave me an entire FREE month!), which allows you to test out fitness classes at varying gyms in the area under a credit system. I’d purposely schedule, say, a pilates class, around 8AM so that I could start my day on a good note and keep that energy flow for the rest of the day. Because, as you know, sometimes it’s all about how you wake up.

Working from home has taught me a lot about how to balance out life a little more in the areas that need it. Keep in mind, these resources can be found for free or at least on a trial basis, so I highly recommend it to keep the good vibes going when you’re feeling stuck!

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Written by Travis Cilik

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