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Be Productive, Even When You Don’t Have Time

Updated: Jun 27

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could get more done, but I just don’t have any extra time!”

Are you wondering, “How does everyone else seem to be more productive than me?”

Do you ever look at the Head of the PTA who is also a business owner and super mom to three kids under 7 and don’t know how she does it?

I know I have too many times…

But, there have been two things in life that have taught me patience and sincere surrender.

  1. Being a Parent.

  2. Being a Business Owner.

The truth is, both are completely unpredictable and test all elements of trusting yourself. Here are 5 tips that I have learned from both!

1) Always have something else you can do.

This is true whether you are stuck in line, stuck waiting for your baby to wake up, or stuck waiting for your client to join your zoom call. Always have something you can do. This can mean checking your email, paying a bill online, or making a quick phone call. It also can mean something for yourself: write your 5 gratitude items for the day, 5 minutes of meditation, or when accessible, enjoy a glass of wine.

2) Be Flexible.

Things don’t have to be done right now or even today. They don’t even need to be completed all at once. You are allowed to clean the sink in your bathroom today, the tub tomorrow, and the toilet on Wednesday. Let’s face it, sometimes you literally only have 5 minutes to do something. In fact – this blog will probably be written in segments in between client calls and my end-of-day work block. The truth is, some days I never know how much I will get written and when.

3) Just Start.

The hardest part is starting. We use every excuse in the book to not start. “I just don’t have time for that right now.” “What if I start and my baby wakes up or my partner comes home?” “I am just so tired.” Once you propel yourself to start, you will want to finish. Even if it takes you 5 tries and 5 days, you will get it done.

4) Be Your Own Best Friend.

When you talk to your best friend and they say, “I have been trying to get to the gym 4 times a week and only made it 2 times this week,” what do you say? Probably something like, “Great job for making it twice! Next week try for 3 or 4.” So, why not say the same thing to yourself? Support yourself for what you're doing well and encourage yourself for more. Also, be compassionate to yourself about what you aren’t able to do. You can’t do it all, after all!

5) Ask for help.

This seems to be one of the most challenging things for some people. In my case, I have built a team who is trained and ready to work, and still, there are times when I think it is just easier to do it myself even when I don’t have the time. It seems even harder, sometimes, to ask for business advice even though I now have a handful of trusted, successful business owners who are friends wanting to help.

The truth is, most people want to help if they can, and in most cases, we never get what we don’t ask for. So use the people in your life who want to support you and be willing to pay for great help. Paying is a form of giving, and it can be just as rewarding as helping them financially.

May we all keep moving forward towards productivity. Slowly or quickly… As long as we keep moving.

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs


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