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Does Productivity Equate to Success?

After wrapping up a Productivity Coaching session this week, I wrote this to my client:

My thoughts after the call: Society's definition of success and "what's normal" is a myth (and possibly screwed up). There is no normal or mainstream success as we are all uniquely talented and gifted in our own ways. This is so obviously in you. If you don't believe me… read your play again!

During the conversation, my client talked about how sometimes we don’t fit into what many people label as success. Still, in this case, my client had just produced his first solo theatre production and was receiving not only great acclaim, he was also being asked to reproduce it in three more locations. This accomplishment was the culmination of his creativity, determination, and willingness to get help in the areas he was lacking- structure, consistency, and accountability. All these areas he has created huge improvements…

The result: 2 sold-out nights of his first play!

What do I think are the keys to Success? Here they are!

1. Identifying your true gifts and talents

We all have them. Whether they were identifiable on our entrance, school, or equivalency exams, they still exist. Some talents are so hidden by what is considered acceptable in society, that it takes years for us to recognize them.


  • The gift of gab = Amazing business development career.

  • The ability to visualize = Interior Design, Architect, or Stylist.

  • Your ability to be resourceful and creative = Entrepreneurship.

  • Natural Athletic ability = Professional Athlete or Trainer.

How do you do it? Just start being mindful.

  • What is easy for you?

  • What is enjoyable?

  • What do people compliment you for?

2. Stop wasting your time trying to do things you are not good at and/or don’t enjoy.

The truth is this may pay the bills as a job. Still, it will not ever get you to a place of thriving. We only truly experience success, wealth, and happiness when we are aligned with our true purpose.

In Jen Senciro’s book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, she talks about her best friend who knows how to work a crowd, after many years, gave up his office job that was draining him in order to become a successful emcee. He couldn’t convince himself that he could be paid handsomely for something he was naturally good at instead of something that was a “stable and reliable job.”

3. Create an Action Plan

I know this is not intuitive for everyone so let me break this down as simply as possible. (And honestly just start with one. Once you get that “one” down, move on to another one to add to it.)

  1. Goal: I want to get 6 new clients in Quarter 1

    1. Action Plan:

      1. Attend 1 networking event a week.

      2. Spend 30-45 minutes once a week on LinkedIn reaching out and connecting with everyone I meet at so-called networking events.

      3. I am going to have two 1-2-1 calls/per week with people I met at the networking event.

4. Have an Accountability Structure

If you are just naturally good at accountability. Then, just make sure you have a way to track your progress.

  • This could be a good, old-fashioned checklist that you check off on your desk (pen and paper style).

  • If you are more virtual like me, use a project management software that keeps track of all of your to-do’s. My favorite is Asana. I love the unicorn and the rainbow that goes across my screen when I check off my task! 🦄

If you aren’t as good at accountability…

  • Find an accountability partner. This is someone you call each week to check-in and let them know what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish next week.

  • Find an accountability group. There are so many of these in the world. They meet once a day, once a week, or once a month.

  • Want more hands-on strategy? Hire a coach. May I suggest a Productivity Coach, like me? 🥳

What does this all result in? It results in:

  1. Progress

  2. Achievement

  3. Productivity

  4. Success!

Success is measured one step at a time. Start with creating one small step towards getting things done (aka Productivity…) and see how those line-up to a string of more substantial results.

Who knows, you may have your first play produced soon too!


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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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