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How We Work!

I was doing one of my quarterly tasks of updating my referral introductions when I realized that there is a connection with whom I have known for years, seen him on social media non-stop, am familiar with the title of his company, but thought, “I don’t actually know what he does.”

Then I considered, “Do people really know what we do?” Well, in case you don’t, this blog is for you.

This is our process to find out if we are a great match for our potential clients!

1. We start with a relationship of Trust!

I talk a lot about building relationships of trust. This has been the key to my business and client success for years, and it is why I network (and continue to network) religiously.

Each potential client starts with a Discovery Call. This is just a “get-to-know-you” call. We learn about each other, our goals, and our businesses. From there, upon continual interest, we schedule the next steps.

2. The Administrative Analysis

Before our consult call, we have our client fill out an administrative analysis document. We ask them to:

  1. List their admin daily, weekly/bi-weekly, and monthly tasks

  2. The “likability” of the task rated on a scale from 1-5

  3. The amount of time it takes to complete the tasks

You can read the full the entire process in a previous blog: How to Save More Time in 2021

3. The Consult Call

This paid consult call is truly a mini-onboarding session. We take an hour to review the administrative analysis document and really identify what the client needs to consider outsourcing.

The things the potential clients like the least and take the most time doing are the first things we use to create our proposal. Then, based on their budget, we implement tasks that continue further down the list of priorities for them and their business.

4. The Proposal

The proposal includes a comprehensive scope that provides consistent services for the client on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and or monthly basis. This proposal is a set-retainer price for the client so that they can budget accurately every month. It always includes these added values:

  • An onboarding process averaging about one month.

  • During the onboarding process, we write a procedures manual so that your next onboarding process will be a synch!

  • On-demand time catered to you in order to incorporate last-minute changes or needs.

  • A proposal that is specific to the needs of your business! Our contracts are unique and different for each client.

5. The Contract

Once we are in contract, it will include the following of our ongoing services:

  1. A regular, virtual in-person meeting with a manager on your account so that you have the same point person every time.

  2. Your manager also becomes the project manager to make sure that all of your needs are met regularly.

  3. Consistent strategy and implementation to make sure we are evolving alongside your business!

6. Expert Team of Virtual Assistants in the field that you need them!

That’s right, we practice what we preach! Just like you shouldn’t be doing things that you don’t like, are not particularly good at, or simply are not an effective use of your time – we too hire our VAs with the same considerations. This is why we have a team of VAs instead of just one person.

Here is who-does-what so you are guaranteed VAs that love and are great at what they do:

1. Digital Marketing (Manager - Tatum DeSouza)
  1. Tatum DeSouza - Scribe and content creator

  2. Sophie Barton - Graphics extraordinaire

  3. Jordan McAndrew - Head Copywriter

  4. Myra - Editor

2. Content Creation (Manager - Tatum DeSouza)

  1. Jordan McAndrew - Head Copywriter

  2. Myra Jackiw - Editor

  3. Neil Kelly - Editor

3. Business Assistance (Manager - MerriLyn Gibbs)

  1. Tatum DeSouza - Banking career of 13 years

  2. Teresa Richards - Seasoned account manager.

4. Lead Generation (Manager - Teresa Richards)

  1. Jessie Cannizzaro - Social Media Engagement extraordinaire

  2. Myra Jackiw - Detail guru

5. Daily Assistance (Manager - Teresa Richards)
  1. Jacqueline Hackmon - Detail and proficiency expertise.

  2. Theresa Richards - Customer service and management extraordinaire!

  3. Jessie Cannizzaro - Customer service and process orientation.

  4. Grant Harrison - Customer service and detailed writer.

  5. Brendan Dalton - Procedures and process guru!

  6. Neil Kelly - Scheduling, writing and managing time expert!

Learn more about each one of our team members HERE!

7. The RESULTS we see our clients get!

1. More TIME for brain space.

2. More TIME to do things they currently can’t find time to do.

3. More TIME for the things that they thrive in doing.

4. More EFFICIENCY in their business!

5. More REVENUE!

Want to learn more about our business and what type of services we provide? 

Visit us at:

Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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