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The Secret To A Healthier Life!

Updated: Jun 27

We seem to have a very hard time achieving the concept of 'feeling alive' which is something that should come much easier to us.

In fact, we are constantly 'doing' in order to achieve our goals, but this does not always equate to "Living."

We rely on keeping ourselves busy to the point of exhaustion that we get tired and feel a little dead inside.If we are honest with ourselves, we know this to be true, and it is most likely the reason we distract ourselves - most of the time because we don't know what to do about it. The solution, on the other hand, is extremely simple!

Have more FUN!

FUN is more than just lighthearted pleasure!

You may already think you are having fun, but this is because we use the word "fun" loosely to describe things we do during our leisure time. Leisure activities are not always fun or enjoyable.

We are a little careless about the way we use the word “fun,” and this is because it’s made out to be frivolous and optional. But take a moment to reflect on your life and pinpoint a moment that you describe as "So Much Fun"... and you will realize it, and you will feel something on a deeper level. Continue to reminisce about a time when you had the most fun, and you will remember joyful and treasured memories from your life.

FUN is the secret to feeling alive!

Fun is a state of mind, not an activity. So, if you define fun as a list of activities, you may need to redefine your thinking.

True enjoyment produces a visceral sense of lightness and joy. Within there is an energy that flows. Having fun allows for:

  • Playfulness

  • Connection

  • Flow

Playfulness entails keeping a lighthearted attitude, letting go of perfectionism, not worrying about outcomes, letting down your guard, and not taking yourself too seriously.

Connection entails sharing an experience (although it is quite possible to have fun alone and connect with yourself).

Flow - When you are completely immersed and focused on what you are doing, you may lose track of time. When you're 'in the zone,' you're in the zone.

FUN is not only the result of human thriving ~ it is the cause!

  • Fun is energizing

  • Fun makes us present

  • Fun can unite us

  • Fun makes us healthier

  • Fun makes us happy

Focus on the Fun factors to create more fun!

To zone in on the fun…

  • Reduce distractions that reduce your flow

  • Increase connections – interact in person

  • Find opportunities to challenge the status quo

  • Prioritize it!

The more you have fun, the more alive you will feel and the more energy you will have.

Now, go over your list of fun activities and decide which ones promote playfulness, connection, and flow, and then use the steps to zone in on the fun to truly enjoy the moment. This can be as simple as spending time with someone with whom you have a sense of playfulness, connection, and flow.

These could be activities you enjoy doing, but the grind of life has taken over, and you now have more chores and tasks to complete. This is where you must delegate and make time for fun. The FUN factor must be prioritized. Look out for the chores and tasks that sap your energy and time, and consider hiring help to create consistency and space for “you.”

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Written by Tatum De Souza

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