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What I Love About Assistants 4 Hire!

Updated: Jun 27

What I Love About Assistants 4 Hire!

There are many reasons why I am grateful for my role here at Assistants 4 Hire. Perhaps the most important is its flexibility. Over the past year and a half of working for the company, I’ve experienced many life changes (which is to be expected as someone in their early 20s). Merrilyn’s ability and grace in accommodating these changes have been nothing short of amazing.

A few months ago, I was looking for a secondary job outside the home while balancing my work at A4H. Although I was happy to have found one, the job ended up requiring me to work overtime from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Most days, balancing time-sensitive assignments at A4H alongside a physically demanding job was nearly impossible. Fortunately, Merrilyn was able to work with me and scale back my hours without any issues until I figured out how to leave the role. I am grateful for her willingness to cooperate and her ability to delegate tasks to other staff members who could take on the work.

Outside of work, I am currently producing my own pilot for a TV show, which means having random meetings and being busy at odd hours of the day to make it happen. Merrilyn and the team here have not only accommodated my aspirations but have also been incredibly supportive. With a job like this one, I am able to happily balance work and outside passions. 

What’s great about the team here is that we are always willing to help one another out. If someone is out sick or dealing with life situations, we are all cross-trained in the same areas and can cover for each other. Just last week, a team member had to care for their sick child, so I was able to take on their assignment as I had extra time in my schedule.

Overall, I am very content with my work here at A4H. The flexibility, team culture, and management make it so that people like me are able to accomplish their dreams, while also balancing a role that deals with supportive clients and fun and engaging work. I am grateful for my time here thus far and hope to continue working here for many more years!


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Written by Travis Cilik


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