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5 Best Spots to Work “Outside this Summer” in New York

Updated: Jun 27

Last week we talked about how to have your home office closer to nature and more comfy! Read Here

This week, however, we are going to highlight one of the best reasons to have a virtual job! You can literally work from anywhere that has WiFi (just remember your VPN,) and that means anywhere from beachside (with your hotspot) to poolside!

Still, if you are looking for great options to work outside with great WiFi in New York City, here are my top 5!

This is my favorite of all the places in Manhattan to work during the Summer. It is located in Tribeca across from the World Trade Center along the Hudson River. This location offers great free WiFi, stunning views of the Hudson River, and even a look at the Statue of Liberty. Alongside these amazing sights, there are plenty of seating areas, access to a food court with a Starbucks (my personal caveat,) and free clean bathrooms just inside.

This is truly a gem in the middle of the City! It's an easy walk from Grand Central or Times Square and a little oasis in the middle of all the hustle. Great WiFi, food options, near the park, and probably the cleanest public bathrooms in the city (seriously)! Check it out the next time you need a two-hour window to work.

Across from Madison Square Park, this little place gives you a great view of the park (unfortunately, the WiFi in the park itself is shoddy, at best). Blackbarn Restaurant has excellent WiFi and one of the Best Happy Hour Specials in the City. It includes half-priced Burgers, Margarita Pizzas, and $1.00 Chicken Wings. You can also add some beautiful wine selections for $7.00 a glass. A perfect location when you need a little libation to finish your work day!

Next time you are in Soho, check out this great spot. It has an adorable little outdoor space to work, awesome lunch, happy hour specials, and fast WiFi, of course. The outdoor space also feels like you are on a backyard patio with all of the greenery!

My new neighborhood is just one stop into Brooklyn from Manhattan, and it has a lot of great cafes, bars, and restaurants. Still, my favorite place around here is Talea. It's a women-owned business and it has a fun, upbeat atmosphere. It also has a “slushy” with a gummy cherry that comes with it! Another great spot to finish the workday off with a “cheers.”

Sun, Sky, and Light are my super-charging stations! I work better, I am more relaxed, and am just happier when I get to work outside. Join me this Summer and learn to take your work with you to great locations around the City! Or of course, anywhere you can get outside. And yes, your patio counts!

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Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

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