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Embracing Summer Vibes!

Updated: Jun 27

Easing into the summer vibes also cues the perfect time to embrace some summer self-care into your routine to ensure you are getting plenty of rest, and relaxation and making the most of your sunny days and warm nights and RECHARGE!

Refresh your routine for the summer with some self-care tips that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Be comfortable in your skin and...

Protect it! Living close to a burning star, a.k.a. The Sun, it may already be a part of your daily routine. If you plan to spend more time outdoors, look for protective products with a high SPF and reapply regularly. Moisturize as you go and dust off your wide-brimmed hat.

Water, please...

Set all your alarms and apps on to remind you to get your water prepped for the day. It's summer, so add fruit like lemon, mint or cucumber to make it fun. Eat water-rich foods like watermelon or cucumber. Of course, this will also help your skin look radiant.

Keeping it light and fresh...

Enjoy the fruits and vegetables that are in season, think colorful salads, greens, berries, and nuts. Experiment with new recipes and preparations. Giving yourself fresh and light food in the summer is the perfect act of self-care.

The Outdoors...

Harness the power of being in the great outdoors and nature. Vitamin D is a great mood enhancer, and if possible, moving your exercise routine outside or engaging in some outdoor activities can be great for daily self-care. If you have to work, then here are some great suggestions from MerriLyn on some awesome places to work outdoors in the city or from Jordan on some great places to visit in the city. Designate one day of the week as an outdoor day.


Schedule some unplugged time so you can spend some quality time with yourself, with loved ones, or in nature. To draw an analogy, dive into a good book or meditate and practice breathing exercises to calm your mind. Small device and technology breaks will amount to big wins in self-care and mental health.

Something that gives you joy...

Do an activity, project, or endeavor that will bring you joy. It can be a DIY home improvement project, something you get your family in on, something that improves yourself, something that gives you joy and above all else gives you purpose.

Remember, while all of the things listed above can help you refresh your self-care routine, it shouldn't stress you out. Find the mix 'n match that suits you best and create your own summer routine. Set realistic expectations and don’t try to take on too many things that will only stress you out. Schedule some pause times if you are feeling restless and fidgety. The objective is to embrace the laid-back vibes of the season and indulge in caring for yourself so that you nourish your body, mind and soul – you deserve it!

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Written by Tatum De Souza


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